Man's physical universe



knowledge now being taught in the schools was not known when many

present adults went to school, and the scientific attitude and method

had not been generally recognized as an essential for every citizen in a

democracy. Many adults will find that, when they are displaced from

their jobs, they will have to compete with very much better-prepared

younger people for new jobs. Furthermore, scientific developments

Fig. 109. New machine tool at Pratt and Whitney Division, United Aircraft

Corporation, East Hartford, Connecticut. This machine drills 14 holes simultaneously

in aircraft engine cylinders.

Drills come in from five different directions.

The operation is entirely automatic. This machine and two similar ones

for reaming, countersinking, spotfacing and tapping, now do in three minutes

what previously required work on seven machines and took one hour. (Courtesy

of the National Machine Tool Builders' Association.)

and the progress of technology are taking place at an ever accelerating

pace, which means that our young people who are now graduating

from the people's colleges will find themselves to be so far behind the

times within twenty years, unless they make it their business to continue

their education after their formal schooling, that they will be ill

fitted for employment in the new industries that do not now exist and

poorly equipped to cope with the new social problems that will arise.

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