Man's physical universe



5. Why does a bicycle have a large sprocket gear on the hanger and a small

sprocket on the driving-wheel?

6. What is the purpose of the gears in an automobile?

7. What type of machine is the nut and bolt?

8. All of the marvelous machines of today are combinations of what six simple


9. What is the function of a machine?

10. Give a brief outline of the history of the development of the steam engine.

11. What problem concerning the Newcomen steam engine bothered James

Watt, and how did he solve this problem?

12. What difficulties hindered James Watt in the development of his steam


13. What is a steam turbine? Why is it quieter than a reciprocating steam


14. What advantages do rotary-motion machines possess as compared with

reciprocating-motion machines.

15. Give several examples of reciprocating-motion machines that are being

displaced by rotary-motion machines.

16. Why are rotary-motion machines more efficient than reciprocating-motion


17. Suggest a possible cause of unemployment.

18. Prove that mechanization has not been an important factor in unemployment.

19. In what respects has mechanization raised the living-standards?

20. How do lower prices raise the living-standards?

21. How may the prices of consumers' goods be lowered?

22. What problems have been created by the machines? Which of these problems

are receiving the attention of (a) cities, (b) states, (c) the United States


23. What predictions can you make on the basis of the present developments in

the airplane industry and in the use of automatic tools?

24. Why is it possible to predict inventions?

25. Why is it now possible to plan ahead so that few if any new technological

developments will appear without warning to disorganize society?

26. Why will adult education be increasingly more important?

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