Man's physical universe



They are not listed

problems are given at the close of the next Section.

in this Section because the desire to seek truth is not enough. You

must also learn the method which experience has shown to be so

successful. This method, the scientific method, is outlined in the next


Many people who have not cultivated the spirit of Science have

learned the method. One may recognize such people by the fact that,

while they are quite successful in solving problems in a restricted field

in which they have specialized, they do not apply the scientific method

to all of the problems of life. These specialists are not the great creative

workers but rather the hod carriers of Science. Science needs many

workers who have mastered the technique of obtaining knowledge.

The method works where it is tried, but when it is not applied to all of

the problems of life it is because the spirit is lacking. For the hod

carriers, in whom the scientific attitude is lacking, the scientific method

is a mere bread-and-butter type of thing in which work is done along

well-established lines with care being taken not to be considered unorthodox.

For the true scientist, on the other hand, the scientific

method is the key to a glorious lifetime of adventure in the quest of


Everyone Should Seek Truth.

We lose faith in teach-

We distrust leaders who disregard the truth.

ers who are dishonest. We avoid businessmen who misrepresent their

merchandise. We expect our auto mechanics to make only those

repairs that are needed on our cars. We do not want our physicians to

base their treatments on guesswork.

We respect the "weather man"

because his conclusions are based on objective evidence.

But sometimes we forget that the scientific attitude is needed in the

selection of a course of study, a school, a suit of clothes, a vocation, or

even a life-mate.

If you are sick, you need to be scientific in selecting your physician.

When you eat, you should select your food in accordance with your

bodily needs. If you build a house, you should select your lot, architect,

contractor, and type of house scientifically. In general, there is no

problem which cannot be solved best by the scientific approach.

The Search for Truth Is Essential to the Progress of Humanity.

The progress of humanity will be determined by the extent to which

every individual is a truth-seeker.

In this age of high-pressure advertising, clever and cunning propaganda,

complicated living, complex paradoxes, apparent contradictions,

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