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It is a common experience that the higher the temperature, the easier

and faster the heat will flow. The gasoline engine, with its higher

temperature in the cylinder, will transfer heat faster to the cooling

water and engine parts than the Diesel engine will. Inasmuch as the

heat which goes into the cooling water is wasted, the Diesel engine

wastes less of the heat in the fuel, and more of the heat is used to move

the piston because the temperature is lower.

Fig. 141.

Caterpillar Diesel pulling a combine, covering 33^ to 4 acres per hour.

Cost of fuel, 9 cents per hour.

This is one of the fundamental reasons for the higher efficiencies of

the Diesel engine. It wastes less heat, at both full and part throttle,

because the temperature within the cylinder is always lower than in

the gasoline engine.

On its world's record run from Denver to Chicago, the Burlington

Zephyr burned less than 400 gallons of fuel while averaging 77.6 miles

an hour for the entire distance of 1015 miles. The 95-ton train

and 84 passengers were carried almost 3 miles for each gallon of fuel

oil consumed. Speeds of over 100 miles an hour were reached on

this trip.

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