Man's physical universe



Buying oil on the basis of the geographic location of its source.

refiner can produce a satisfactory lubricating oil from any crude oil.

Failing to use the scientific method in buying an oil. Slogans are

effective in advertising, but they must not be confused with facts.

Even with Good Brakes It Takes Time for an Automobile to Stop.

People differ in their reaction time; but on the average, it requires a

second between the time the mind decides to put on the brakes and

the time that the muscles get into action. It is obvious that the

number of feet driven during this

"thinking time " r

varies at different

speeds. The distance traveled while

using the brakes increases more

rapidly than the increase in speed;

for example, doubling the speed

from 30 to 60 miles per hour increases

the distance from 73 feet

to 292 feet, or about four times.

In general, the stopping-distance

follows the square law; doubling

the speed quadruples the distance

required to stop.

The Automobile Is Dangerous When

Not Properly Controlled.

In the United States 34,400 people

were killed and 1,200,000 people

were injured in 1940 by automobile

drivers. The direct economic

losses resulting from traffic accidents

were estimated to be $1,600,-

000,000 in the same year. In England

41,900 civilians were killed

by German bombs during the

i(?-month period, January 1, 1940-

July 1, 1941. England at war was

a safer place than American highways.

The automobile driver is the

fifth most important death cause,

exceeded only by heart disease,

cancer, cerebral hemorrhage, and






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