Man's physical universe



Can some way be found to keep lunatics and the otherwise unfit

from driving automobiles?

The psychopathic clinic of the Detroit Recorder's Court examined

467 traffic violators in 1938 and obtained the following startling results:

Insane 7

On verge of insanity 40

Feeble-minded 46

Physical handicaps that made them unsafe drivers 33

Lacked social intelligence 342

Can something be done to keep intoxicated people from driving

automobiles? And what shall we do about the intoxication that causes

so many pedestrian deaths? Can people be educated to be courteous?

The above questions indicate the immensity of the problems to be

solved by modern society.

One of the essentials of social intelligence is courtesy, i.e., thinking

of the other fellow.

Characteristics of a Courteous Driver.

1. Parks so as not to obstruct traffic.

2. Slows down in congested districts.

3. Never drives so fast that he cannot stop in the range of his headlights.

4. Dims or tilts his lights when approaching another car.

5. Never drives when intoxicated.

6. Does not drive when very tired.

7. Drives slowly at dusk.

8. At street and road intersections gives the right of way to the car

coming toward his right.

9. Warns other cars when he is going to slow down, stop, or turn.

10. Slows down on curves.

Characteristics of a Courteous Pedestrian.

1. Crosses streets only at intersections and with the green light.

2. Does not step out carelessly from behind parked cars.

3. Obeys traffic signals.

4. Does not allow any member of his family to play in the street.

5. Walks on the left side of a highway and carries a flashlight or

reflector at night.

Do you realize that you stand a chance of 1 to 12.5 of being killed or

injured by an automobile during the next ten years at the present

accident rates and that your chances become 50 to 12.5 if you cut out

of line of traffic, 21 to 12.5 if you pass another car on a curve, and 10

to 12.5 if you pass a car on a hill?

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