Man's physical universe




1. How do modern automobiles differ from those manufactured in 1900?

2. In what respects has highway development affected modern life?

3. What are the major unsolved problems created by the development of highways?

4. In what respects does the development of the automobile typify the impact

of physical science on society?

5. What are the social consequences of the development of the automobile?

6. In what respects have our modern highway systems affected society?

7. Why should highways be recognized as an investment rather than an expense?

8. Why has the use of the automobile been more widespread in the United

States than in Europe?

9. What have been the major factors in the decrease in the cost of operating an


10. What have been the major trends in automobile design?

11. Why have automobiles not been designed to yield greater efficiency as have

the European automobiles?

12. Why should one not use his brakes unnecessarily?

13. Why should one avoid rapid changes in speed at any time?

14. Why should one use lower gears on grades?

15. What is the effect of high speeds on the cost of operating an automobile?

16. How should a new automobile be broken in?

17. What are some of the rules that a courteous pedestrian would follow?

18. Would it be better to abolish automobiles and thus make it safer to become

intoxicated than it would to abolish intoxication? Inasmuch as neither can

be abolished, what shall we do?

19. Is intoxication a social or moral problem?

20. Which man is likely to receive the heavier punishment, the man who deliberately

runs down a child or the intoxicated driver who " is not responsible

for what he does"?

21. What are the causes of overheating an automobile, and why is overheating


22. Why should an automobile engine be left running for some time after a long

hot drive?

23. Why should a hot automobile engine be left running when pouring cold water

into the radiator?

24. List a few driving errors and explain why they are errors.

25. How often should the oil in an automobile crankcase be changed?

26. How heavy an oil should one use in an automobile?

27. What is the cause of a smoky automobile exhaust?

28. What are the functions of an automobile oil?

29. Mention a few lubricating errors and explain why they are errors.

30. Suggest some of the possible improvements that should be found in automobiles

ten years hence.

31. List the causes of automobile accidents.

32. Suggest some possible methods of reducing automobile accidents.

33. Give the characteristics of a socially intelligent automobile driver.

34. Give the characteristics of a socially intelligent pedestrian.

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