Man's physical universe



6. What is the real significance of the various records which pilots have made?

7. Prepare a brief summary of the advances made by aviation since 1940,

obtaining >c)ur material from the current literature.

8. Why is there such a lag between fundamental research and its practical


9. Discuss the relative merits of biplanes and monoplanes.

10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of rotary-wing airplanes?

11. In what respects have the huge expenditures on military aviation benefited

civil aviation?

12. What are the possible advantages of liquid-cooled engines as compared with

air-cooled engines? What type of engine is preferred today, and why?

13. W'hy should automobile engines be warmed up before starting the automobile?

14. What are airplane-engine superchargers, and what is their purpose?

15. What are the advantages and disadvantages of high-altitude flying?

16. Discuss the contribution of plastics to modern airplanes.

17. What are the advantages of neoprene gasoline tanks?

18. How may one become a member of the "Caterpillar Club"?

19. Discuss the various applications of parachutes.

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