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Germ-killing Lamps Are Ultraviolet Sources.

Germ-killing lamps, such as the "Sterilamp," "Sterilaire," and General

Electric "Germicidal" lamps, use a very thin layer of glass of

a type that transmits a high percentage of ultraviolet light. Most

lamps of this type operate on low current, about as much as a Christ-'

mas-tree light, and develop very little heat. The wave lengths of the

ultraviolet radiations produced by such lamps are deadly to bacteria;

such radiations cause temporary, but very painful conjunctivitis of the

eyeball. Goggles may be worn to

protect the eyes against these radiations.

Germ-killing sources have

been used in refrigerators and display

cases to keep foods such as meat

fresh much longer, and they have

improved the health of cows in

dairies and lowered the death rate

of chicks in brooders by reducing airborne

contamination. They sterilize

the air in operating rooms, thus decreasing

the possibilities of infections.

Wounds may be kept sterile

until they heal, and skin infections

may be killed. Such sources may be

used in restaurants to sanitize drinking

glasses and other utensils. In

general, this source of mold-, fungi-,

and bacteria-killing ultraviolet light

is in many fields the most important

prophylactic germicidal agent now





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