Man's physical universe



15. In what respects are "zeon" lights an improvement over neon lights?

16. Why are "zeon" and neon lights not used for lighting private residences?

17. Explain the high efficiency of fluorescent lamps.

18. What types of materials are used to produce fluorescence in fluorescent


19. Explain the stroboscopic eflfect obtained with fluorescent lamps and suggest

two methods of overcoming this efi"ect.

20. Why are fluorescent lamps relatively expensive to install?

21. Can you suggest any reason why high-frequency circuits are not used with

fluorescent lamps?

22. What are the advantages and disadvantages of fluorescent lamps as compared

with incandescent-filament lamps?

23. Discuss the practical applications of ultraviolet fluorescence.

24. Why are ultraviolet radiations sometimes called "black light"?

25. In what respect are ultraviolet rays similar to light rays?

26. Discuss the applications of fluorescence in war.

27. Discuss the applications of fluorescence in the theatre.

28. Discuss the applications of fluorescence in analytical work.

29. Discuss the application of fluorescence in mineralogy.

30. Discuss the possibilities of the application of fluorescent paints and ultraviolet

lamps in outdoor advertising and in home architecture.

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