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There is no royal road to learning.

One learns by effort, becomes a

scholar by study, acquires accuracy by being accurate, gains experience

by enduring experience, and becomes observant by constantly observing.

As one thinks and does, so he becomes.

Problem-solving, like other skills, is learned by doing. It must be

kept in mind, however, that learning is most fruitful when it is meaningful.

The kinds of problems solved will determine how much you

learn about problem-solving. If you select problems which are associated

with a felt need or a conscious goal, they will result in learning

because they are meaningful. Experience has shown that one does not

develop the technique of solving problems by applying it to laboratory

experiments unless these experiments represent solutions to felt needs.

One of the most important activities in which you can engage this

year is to learn to solve problems by solving a few real problems.

Problems range from very simple ones, whose solution requires very

little intelligence, to those which have bafifled our greatest geniuses.

Your greatest satisfactions will come if you select immediate problems

which are not too complex for your first few attempts. More difficult

problems may be selected as your skill in solving problems increases.

The following suggested problems may help you to discover a real

problem for yourself.

1. Selection of a vocation

2. Selection of friends

3. What courses shall I take?

4. Shall I plan to complete a college course?

5. How can I earn better grades?

6. How can I develop social skills?

7. How can I obtain a "good buy" in purchasing a used car?

8. Which oil or gasoline for my car will be the "best buy"?

9. How am I to know which cosmetics are harmless or harmful?

10. How can I be sure that my teeth will not give me trouble in later


11. What kind of razor shall I use?

12. Do I eat the foods necessary to maintain resistance to disease?

13. What are my strong points?

14. What habits am I forming?

15. Shall I smoke?

16. Shall I dance?

17. Shall I enter into church activities?

18. What movies shall I attend?

19. What school activities shall I engage in?

20. How shall I select my "dates"?

21. Shall I engage in "petting"?

22. How can I be most useful at home?

23. How shall I select a physician?

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