Man's physical universe



15. Why do colors in nature harmonize?

16. Give some general rules for the use of colors.

17. How may sharp contrasts be obtained by the use of colors?

18. What are primary and secondary colors?

19. What colors will harmonize with yellow? With green?

20. Why does a mixture of paints generally produce a gray color?

21. Explain color blindness.

22. List all the methods for the production of color that you can think of.

23. Differentiate between additive and subtractive primary colors.

24. Differentiate between primary colors and complementary colors.

25. Explain the colors of a sunset.

26. Why does the ocean water seem to be so blue?

27. Why does the blue color of the ocean disappear on a cloudy day?

28. Explain the beautiful green water of the Hawaiian shore line.

29. Discuss the color harmonies in nature at each season of the year.

30. Explain why it is difficult to match colors in artificial light.

31. What color is produced when yellow and blue pigments are mixed? When

yellow and blue lights are mixed?

32. Work out a hypothesis to explain the following data:

Unsterilized milk placed in colored bottles and exposed to the sunlight

remained sweet the longest when placed in red bottles and soured the quickest

in bottles having colors toward the violet end of the spectrum.

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