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the particle, the shorter will be the wave length of the light that is

scattered. The light in the direction perpendicular to the rays of the

sun is almost completely polarized in very clear air.

Fig. 193. Right, through ordinary sun glasses. Left, through Polaroid day

glasses. (Courtesy of The Polaroid Corporation.)

Figure 191 shows how the polarized light from the sky was intercepted

by use of a Pola screen over the camera lens. The use of such

a screen eliminates the glare in photographing such scenes as lakes

and streams, store windows, and


Polaroid Day Glasses Eliminate


Ordinary sun glasses reduce the

intensity of glare, but at the same

time they reduced the intensity of

the useful, reflected, diffuse light.

Polaroid glasses allow the reflected

diffuse light to pass through but cut

out the reflected glare light which is

highly polarized. Inasmuch as polarized

light is reflected usually from

horizontal surfaces, the horizontal

vibrations predominate in polarized

light, and a Polaroid screen placed

in a

A desk lamp delivers its

vertical position will intercept , F"'^-J^^-

^, 1 •

J 1- 1 ^ "ght through a Polaroid filter, thus

the polarized light.

suppressing the glare on the working

Figure 192 shows the extent to surface. (Courtesy of The Polaroid

which Polaroid glasses remove glare. Corporation.)

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