Man's physical universe



8. Explain the magnetizing and demagnetizing of an iron bar in terms of the

molecular theory.

9. Why does a dipping needle not dip to the same degree at different points on

the earth's surface?

10. What is the difference between an unmagnetized and a magnetized iron bar

according to the molecular theory?

11. Explain how magnetism may be increased by rhythmical pounding.

12. Give the facts of magnetism, and show how the molecular theory explains

each fact.

13. Give the laws of magnetism.

14. How can you prove that the earth is a magnet, i.e., (a) that it has two poles,

and (b) that it is surrounded by a magnetic field?

15. Try to explain the laws of magnetism in terms of the molecular theory.

16. What examples of the inverse square law have we studied up to date? Look

up the inverse square law as it applies to sound energy, and on the basis of

the explanation given, try to work out an explanation for the inverse square

law as it applies to magnetism.

17. What metals compose the alloys which are used to make powerful permanent


18. Give an example of induced magnetism and explain it.

19. Give the facts that support the molecular theory of magnetism.

20. Distinguish between a magnet and a magnetic substance.

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