Man's physical universe



follows. The definitions follow the usage given in the Encyclopedia

Britannica in most cases.

I. The Physical Sciences

\. Astronomy — the science of the universe outside of our own


2. Physics — the science of matter and energy

3. Chemistry — the science of the composition of matter

4. Mineralogy — the science of minerals

5. Geology — the study of the structure of the earth

6. Geography — the study of the earth's surface and economic

products, and their relation to living creatures, especially man

7. Meteorology — the study of climate and weather


Physics and chemistry are the fundamental physical sciences.

other physical sciences are special composite applications of these two

fundamental sciences.



The Biological Sciences

1. Botany — that portion of the science of biology which relates

to plants

2. Zoology — that portion of the science of biology which relates

to animals

3. Paleontology — the science of extinct forms of life

4. Bacteriology — that portion of the science of biology which

relates to bacteria

5. Physiology — the science of the functions of living organisms

6. Hygiene — the science of preserving health

The Psychological and Social Sciences

1. Psychology — the science of the mind

2. Language — the science of verbal communication

3. History — the science of past events

4. Anthropology — the science of the natural history of man

5. Ethnology — the science of man as a racial unity

6. Archaeology — the science of antiquities

7. Political Economy (Economics) — the science of wealth and

mediums of exchange

8. Sociology — the science of human society

9. Education — the science of deliberate direction and training

10. Theology — the science of religion

IL Naturalistic Philosophy — the science of explaining all

natural phenomena

The order in which these sciences are listed represents fairly closely

the order of their historical development and to a certain extent the

order in which they are studied, as would be expected.

Arithmetic, mathematics, logic, and metaphysics are sometimes

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