Man's physical universe



classified as sciences, but they are chiefly concerned with the method

by which knowledge is obtained and expressed rather than with its

content and are therefore not included in the above classification.

Literally hundreds of sciences could be added to the above list as

subtitles under the above more inclusive titles.

The Sciences Are Closely Related.

The distinctions between these different sciences break down as

knowledge increases, and it is through this coalescing process that some

of the most far-reaching generalizations come.

The discoveries concerning the electrical nature of matter and the

structure of the atom have made chemistry and physics almost one

science. So closely related are the sciences that a general knowledge of

most of the sciences becomes necessary for specialization in one science.

In the study of the biological sciences, a thorough grounding in the

physical sciences is necessary, while so many factors must be taken into

consideration in the study of the social sciences that it is only within

the last few years that enough has been known concerning some of them

even to call them sciences.

No one can be an expert in many sciences, but through survey courses

he may become at least familiar with the greatest generalizations in

each field to know which experts to call upon for help when need arises.

A lack of such general knowledge is illustrated by the type of ignorance

that calls in a preacher when a physician is needed or that calls in a

lawyer when a preacher is needed.

The Physical Sciences Are Integrated in This Text to Make Their Study

More Meaningful.

In this book, which is devoted to the study of the physical sciences,

an attempt has been made to integrate the fundamentals of each of the

sciences has not been taken up in separate units.

physical sciences in such a way as to give them the most meaning to the

beginning student. For that reason, the study of each of the physical

It is desirable, however,

that you be able to recognize which of the physical sciences has

been drawn upon to furnish the principal information for each section,

because you may later want to take specialized courses in one of the

fields of physical science in which you may become interested during

the study of this survey of all of the fields of physical science.

Physics. Physics is the basic physical science because it provides

the techniques of observation and the language for expressing the

observations concerning inanimate matter and the changes which it


Physics is usually subdivided into the study of mechanics,

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