Man's physical universe




1. Which is the correct way to measure fataHties for comparing the relative

safety of travel by airplane and railroad: (a) the number of fatalities per

passenger-hour, (b) the number of fatalities per passenger-mile, or (c) the

number of fatalities for trips between two identical points by each method

of transportation? Which method of measuring would favor the railroad,

which would favor the airplane, and which would tell the truth, and why?

2. Is it true that "figures never lie"?

3. Why is it said that "you can prove anything by statistics"?

4. Why are some straw votes such as the Gallup poll more accurate than others?

5. W'ould it be possible to take a poll that would be cheaper than, but just as

accurate as, a general election in determining the desire of the entire population?

6. What is the business of mathematics?

7. Why are mathematical tools never absolute?

8. W'hat is the business of statistics?

9. W'hat are the fundamental physical sciences?

10. Why do we have "sciences" instead of "Science"?

11. What are the three main types of sciences? Which is the most complex?

12. List three sciences in each of the three divisions of Science.

13. List the most important sciences in the order of their historical development.

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