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elastic qualities. Such added substances are called plasticizers. In

this way strong, tough, durable, washable, beautifully clear, elastic

sheets may be prepared from vinyl ester resins. These elastomeric

sheets can be cut and sewed like

any textile and may be joined by

solvent or heat sealing.

Such products as belts, suspenders,

garters, watch straps and chains,

and even wallets have been made of

such "Vinylite" flexible sheeting.

Two other uses for this sheeting

are in air-conditioning ducts and

collapsible tubes. They possess

strength, durability, good appearance,

novelty, and comfort. Comfortable

and long-wearing shoes are

made for both men and women.

Such shoes would not require the

"shining" that leather shoes do.

There may be added to the

above list of uses umbrellas, cosmetic

bags, shoe bags, laundry

bags, shower curtains, bridge-table

covers, draperies, bedspreads, crib and bed sheeting, bibs, bathing

suits, razor straps, and dog collars.

Fig. 296. Elasticized Vinylite

sheeting belt. (Courtesy of the Carbide

and Carbon Chemicals Corporation.)

Polyvinyl Alcohols Are Also Obtained from Coal, Air, and Water.

Polyvinyl alcohols are white powders, odorless and tasteless.


are used as adhesives and paper coatings to give such strength to

paper towels that theytmay be soaked in water, squeezed, twisted, and

pulled with relatively little deformation. Paper containers may be

greaseproofed and sized with polyvinyl alcohols.

This material is also

used as a softener and transparentizer in making glassine paper.

As an adhesive polyvinyl alcohols are interesting because of their

freedom from odor, color, taste, and attack by bacteria. They are used

to manufacture white shoe dressings that will not rub off, pigmented

inks, paints, water colors, printing pastes, etc. They also form tough,

elastic, water-soluble films on metallic surfaces. They may be extruded

to form tubes, rods, sheets, or threads. Tubing made from polyvinyl

alcohols is impervious to oils and solvents and is resistant to flexing

and vibration. Such tubing may thus replace metal tubes for fuel

and oil lines in airplanes. Polyvinyl alcohol tubes transmit sound

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