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powerful intermolecular forces which resist slipping when the material

is stretched, are developed.

While it is true that one type of nylon may be obtained from coal,

air, and water and while it is also true that these raw materials are

very abundant and cheap, it does not follow

that nylon products should be cheap.


the contrary, many intricate chemical reactions

must be carried out, using elaborate

and costly equipment and requiring rigid

control from start to finish.

Nylon can be used to coat paper, to make

oilproof containers, to coat leather to make

an ex'cellent patent leather, to coat cloth

to produce flexible

waterproof clothing, to

coat wire mesh to produce a clear, strong

glass, and to make parachutes, upholstery,

men's suit linings,

rugs, carpets, and lace.

Nylon fibers may be crimped to produce

wool-like fibers which rival the heatinsulating

properties of wool and are

superior to wool in strength, dyeing characteristics,

elasticity, mothproofness, and

immunity to harm from cleaning processes.

Polymeric amides in the form of relatively coarse monofilaments

may be used to produce synthetic bristles which possess the advantages

of being uniform in quality, extremely tough, wetproof, and springy.

Such bristles are used in a wide variety

of both toilet and industrial

brushes. Nylon monofilaments are

also used for fishing leaders and

Fig. 301. Nylon bristles. (Courtesy

of the E. I. du Pont de Nemours


lines, surgical sutures, and strings

for tennis and badminton racquets.

Toothbrushes with nylon bristles

have been in good condition after

two years of daily use. Nylon hairbrush

bristles have stood up equally


FiG. 300. Nylon in large

diameters such as used in

surgical sutures, fishing

leaders, and bristles for

brushes. (Courtesy of the

E. I. du Pont de Nemours


Polymeric amides have also been

used to produce a photographic

film base which is superior to cellulose

nitrate and cellulose acetate in that it has greater resistance to

water, greater strength, and flexibility. These new films are noninflam-

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