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which is one of the products obtained from the destructive distillation

of coal.

Piccolyte is a resin made by the polymerization of terpenes, while

Piccoumaron is made from coumarone.

Nypene resin has been developed from turpentine raw materials,

Maleic anhydride is used in the preparation of such resins as the

glycol maleates.

The alkyd, or rezyl, resins have already obtained an important

place in the plastic world. These resins are obtained by condensing

phthalic acid (a coal-tar product) with glycerine. They are particularly

valuable as electric insulators. "Glyptal" and "Dulux" resins are

typical alkyd resins.

"Halowax" chlorinated naphthalene products were invented by

Thomas A. Edison for use in the manufacture of his phonograph



1. Discuss plastics as to (a) classification, {h) methods of preparation, (c) raw

materials, {d) properties, and {e) uses.

2. What is meant by (a) condensation, {h) polymerization?

3. What is a copolymer? Give an example.

4. What is the function of a plasticizer in the manufacture of plastics?

5. Discuss the preparation and properties of (a) styron, {b) vinyon, (c) nylon,

{d) lanital, (e) exton, (/) neoprene, (g) "Lucite," {h) "Bakelite."

6. Discuss some of the raw materials which may replace coal as a raw material

for the synthesis of plastics.

7. Try to predict some of the future applications of plastics.

8. Why are plastics of so much value for better living?

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