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Another new rubber substitute which, like "Thiokol," is unrelated

to rubber, is " Koroseal." " Koroseal " is a polymer of vinyl chloride,


—CH2—CH—CHy—CH—CHz—CH— ,

which, like neoprene, has its origin

in acetylene or natural gas and salt. It finds application where absolvent-

and corrosion-resistant product can be used to advantage.

" Koroseal " compositions vary from materials similar to hard rubber

to stiff jellies.

They are used to line metal tanks, to make gaskets, to

Fig. 306. A "Chemigum" tire, the raw material for which is essentially

butadiene, to which is added other materials such as acrylonitrile or styrene.

"Chemigum" products are oil and gasoline resistant. (Courtesy of the Goodyear

Tire and Rubber Company.)

coat papers, to insulate electrical conductors or cables, to join textile

fabrics by heating with a warm iron, and to prepare acid-resistant

paints under the name of "Koroplate." "Koroplate" is also oilresistant,

and for that reason it is used to coat the inside of oilstorage

tanks. "Koroseal" is made in a variety of beautiful colors.

" Koroseal "-treated cloth has been used for clothing, shower curtains,

and umbrellas.

"Koroseal" has also been used extensively for

wrist-watch straps, suspenders, garters, and trouser belts. A special

composition containing aluminum is marketed in the form of ironingboard

covers which enable the user to iron more pieces in a given time.

Three new polymers which possess properties which should make

them competitors of natural rubber for the manufacture of automobile

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