Man's physical universe



5. What is "Clorox"? Under what other names is this substance sold? How

is it prepared? For what purpose is it used?

6. Why is glycerine a by-product of the soap industry?

7. What is the general composition of greases used for lubricatmg automobiles?

8. How do soaps remove dirt from clothes in the laundering process?

9. What is a detergent? Give an example. Why do detergents have detergent


10. Name three members of the halogen family of elements, and give their

sources and uses.

11. Show how a large chemical industry is the logical outgrowth of the electrolysis

of common salt.

12. What products are now obtained on a large scale from ocean water?

13. Discuss the use of the three phosphates in the home. What factors determine

the use of each?

14. What are the advantages of "soapless soaps"?

15. Discuss the occurrence and uses of borax.

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