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Ephedrine is used to dry up a running nose and to shrink the

membranes in the nose tissue; taken internally it gives relief to hay

fever and asthma sufferers.

Benzedrine Is a Physiological Stimulant.

Benzedrine (benzylmethylcarbinamine) is a synthetic substance

somewhat similar to ephedrine but more effective and more active on

the brain.

Benzedrine banishes sleep and appears to be a mental and general

physiological stimulant; it has been referred to as a "pepper-upper,"

and in this regard it resembles the behavior of caffeine.

Benzedrine is used to shrink the membranes in the nose. One or

two extra whiffs of benzedrine have kept the author awake all night.

Benzedrine raises the blood pressure and should be avoided by people

with high blood pressure.

Drugs Should Never Be Used without a Physician's Prescription.

Uniformity in the strength and purity of drugs is absolutely indispensable,

and, for that reason, practically all civilized countries

have standards for various drugs prescribed by law. In the United

States a book listing these standards is called a Pharmacopoeia, and

drugs which conform to these standards are designated by the letters


Drugs which are protected by patents, trade marks, and secrecy

are called proprietary drugs, and they are generally not admitted to

the Pharmacopoeia and are therefore not subject to legal control.

Misleading and false

great harm to the American people.

The Pure Food and Drugs Act of

advertising of such drugs has been a source of

1906 has helped a great deal to

establish correct labeling, but many evils still abound. Some of the

best-selling drugs are those which are widely advertised over the radio.

Some harmful cosmetics are still sold throughout the United States.

Patent medicines are those medicines which are advertised and sold

directly to the people without a diagnosis or prescription of a competent


Patent medicines should never be used without a physician's

prescription because self-medication might result in irreparable

damage. Furthermore, self-medication which replaces a scientific

diagnosis, often treating symptoms rather than causes, may delay the

proper treatment until it is too late. Drug habits may be established

and infections and contagious diseases may be spread as a result of


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