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1. Why is it a good rule never to take any drugs unless a physician prescribes


2. What is the danger in the indiscriminate use of analgesics?

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages in the use of general anaesthetics

for surgical operations?

4. Why are local anaesthetics preferred to general anaesthetics whenever


5. What are the objections to the use of (a) chloroform and (b) ether?

6. Discuss some of the more recent general anaesthetics which are superseding


7. Discuss the use of hypnotics in preoperative preparations.

8. What are the objections to the use of cocaine as a local anaesthetic?

9. What is the source of cocaine?

10. Is nupercaine a cocaine derivative?

IL Why are the various chemotherapeutic agents, anaesthetics, and analgesics

not commonly referred to by their chemical names?

12. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using such names as butyn

and nupercaine instead of the chemical names of these substances?

13. What is a topical anaesthetic?

14. What is a hypnotic?

15. Why are the barbituric acid derivatives often given to a patient before the

use of a general anaesthetic?

16. Why are the barbituric acid derivatives sometimes preferred to morphine as


17. What are the advantages and disadvantages in the use of hypnotics?

18. What is an analgesic?

19. In what respects is codeine preferred to morphine as an analgesic?

20. List one natural analgesic and three synthetic analgesics.

21. What are alkaloids?

22. How many alkaloids are known? How many of these alkaloids have been


23. List ten different physiological effects of alkaloids on the body and name an

alkaloid or alkaloid-containing plant which produced the effect in each case.

24. Differentiate between drug addiction and habituation.

25. Of what values are the following drugs: (o) morphine, {b) cocaine, (c) alcohol,

(d) caffeine, (e) nicotine.

26. What are the vegetable sources of (a) nicotine, {b) caffeine, (c) atropine,

(d) opium, (e) ephedrine?

27. Why is drug addiction a social problem?

28. Is drug habituation a social problem? An economic problem? A moral


29. Discuss the use of coffee, pointing out its value to the body and its disadvantages.

30. What is a narcotic?

31. Discuss the sources and uses of ephedrine.

32. Discuss the effect of benzedrine upon the body.

33. Give an example of an alkaloid and a hormone that closely resemble each


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