Man's physical universe



ested in controlling the combinations of genes in chromosomes, while

the physical scientist speculates about the control of living organisms

by the use of the same chemical that the genes produce. The study

of the chemistry of the genes is very difficult, but it is vital to an

understanding of the nature of life and increased control over living


Is it possible that character might be made to order by the

use of chemicals in the future? If so, what kind of character will be

desired? This is a question of values again.

Do Viruses Represent a Transition between Living and Nonliving


Viruses are so small that they pass through filters which retain

bacteria and are, therefore, called filterable viruses. Viruses cause

infantile paralysis, encephalitis, rabies, mumps, smallpox, trench

fever, measles, yellow fever, hoof and mouth disease, psittacosis, and

probably influenza and the common cold.

Fi(.. 321. Toljacco Mosaic Virus and Anti-T.M.V'. rabbit serum. Magnification,

40,000: 1 by electron microscope. (Courtesy of Thomas F. Anderson. RCA

Manufacturing Company.)

It is known that virus disease may be spread by contact or even by

breathing the air containing droplets of moisture resulting from

coughing and sneezing. Such virus diseases as dengue fever, yellow

fever, and sandfly fever are transmitted by mosquitoes and flies.

A step in the conquest of virus diseases was made in the recent

discovery that sodium sulfanilyl sulfanilate is effective in curing

distemper in cats and dogs. Distemper is a virus disease somewhat

similar to human influenza.

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