Man's physical universe




1. Criticize the statement, "The world would be better off if scientific research

were discontinued for a time."

2. In what respects may it be said that the power of Science is poorly directed

and imperfectly used by society today?

3. How can one insure that the power of Science is used for the welfare of man?

4. Robert A. Millikan predicted that "life fifty or a hundred years hence is not

— barring a collapse of civilization — likely to differ nearly as much from the

life to-day as this life differs from that of even half a century ago." Mark

Sullivan said: "The things to come will probably be more marvelous and

more numerous than those that have already arrived. For as to any kind of

invention, there is a kind of law of geometrical progress."

Which of the above statements seems most likely to be true to you? Which

statement is probably truest for (a) the physical sciences, (b) the biological

sciences, (c) the social sciences?

5. In what respects is the "fifth wheel" of an automobile the most important


6. Why is modern society an unstable equilibrium?

7. What have been the benefits of technology?

8. What problems have been created by technology?

9. What factors have been responsible for the distribution of wealth in the

United States up until the past ten years?

10. Why have various groups of laborers and business men been organized in the

United States?

11. List the experiments of the National Government in regional and national

planning during the past decade.

12. List the achievements which have been accomplished under our democratic

way of life.

13. What are the causes of war?

14. What were the expressed war aims of the democracies and the totalitarian

states in World War II?

15. Discuss the cost of warfare to civilization.

16. Discuss the relative merits of the totalitarian and democratic approaches to

the establishment of a lasting world-peace.

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