Man's physical universe



majority of students, however, who have read this book will be found

among the future beekeepers. If these students have come to see that

the future development of mankind depends upon their intelligent

appreciation and their cooperation with and support of

the scientist,

their time has been well spent.

The important feature of Science, that is, the feature that makes

Science important enough to be included in general education, is

attitude and methodology. It is this spirit of inquiry and this critical

scrutiny that have made possible the great achievements studied in

this text. President J. R. Angell pointed out in a recent address,

"It is unwarranted flattery to call ours the age of Science."

is dark enough one can see the stars.


When it

Science has thus far just intensified

the darkness. Only the first word of the story of Science in the

service of man has been written.

In this course you have seen how the method of Science leads to

knowledge. It is hoped that you have formed a lifelong habit of

approaching every problem from a scientific viewpoint. Ways and

means must be found to continue the study of Science during the rest

of your life.

In fact, this text is intended to be merely the introduction

to this lifelong study.

You will find it fascinating to have some scientific hobby. Photography,

especially the new color photography, integrates Science and

Other people find that their lives

art in a way that grips many people.

are enriched by collecting minerals, radio tubes, phonograph records,

flowers, and a host of other things which are not only fun to collect

but even more fun to know about.

You can have some wonderful times as you maintain the spirit of

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inquiry and the habit of scrutiny in all of life's activities.

a vacuum-cleaner salesman can change from a boresome hour to a fine

opportunity to practice the art of asking why and demanding proof of

statements. The problem of buying insurance can furnish real intellectual

enjoyment if you approach It scientifically. You will be

surprised how entertaining It is to sit down and analyze your insurance

needs. You will be surprised when you discover how much money you

can save by buying what you want without paying for anything which

Is not essential to your program of Insurance.

The selection of a dentist, physician, lawyer, or auto mechanic

presents a challenge to the scientific mind. The selection of food and Its

preparation can well become an Intellectual activity that will continue

throughout life; at the same time, It may serve to lengthen that life.

Whether you are confronted with the purchase of an automobile,

the building of a house, the treatment of a serious Illness In your family,

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