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atw Vol. 63 (2018) | Issue 3 ı March



Framatome and the AREVA Group,

MHI will promote the development of

global markets for a broad range of

nuclear power generation-related

technologies. In this way, MHI will

contribute to the formation of a

worldwide structure enabling stable

acquisition and supply of energy with

low emission.

MHI is also scheduled to acquire a

5 percent equity stake in New AREVA

Holding (formerly referred to as

“NewCo”), a company primarily

focused on the fuel cycle field business.

The investment is due to be completed

by the end of January 2018.

| | (18501525),

USA: Framatome to acquire

Instrumentation and Control

nuclear business of Schneider


(framatome) Framatome announced

an agreement with Schneider Electric

to acquire its nuclear automation

business. The two companies recently

signed an asset purchase agreement

that outlines the terms of the sale,

which is expected to close before the

end of the first quarter of 2018.

The acquisition expands Framatome’s

instrumentation and control

(I&C) offerings. These systems are the

central nervous system of a nuclear

power plant allowing operators to

control reactor operations. Modernizations,

upgrades and ongoing

support, are vital to manage economic

long-term operation of nuclear power.

More than 80 safety I&C systems have

been installed by Framatome on 44

reactors in 17 countries across the

world, and approximately 250 automation

systems have been installed

or are being installed by Schneider


The agreement between Framatome

and Schneider Electric also

creates a long-term manufacturing

partnership, which gives customers

I&C options based on a comprehensive

global technical expertise and

market knowledge.

“This is an exciting time of growth

for our company, and the acquisition

and partnership with Schneider

Electric build on our long history of

providing nuclear operators with both

digital and analog I&C solutions,” said

Gary Mignogna, president and CEO of

Framatome Inc. “With this acqui sition,

we will provide long-term support for

our customers’ systems and serve as

the original equipment manufacturer

for their I&C upgrades and modernizations.”

| | (18501526),

Lightbridge and Framatome

launch Enfission to

commercialize innovative

nuclear fuel

(framatome) Lightbridge Corporation

(NASDAQ: LTBR) and Framatome

finalized and launched Enfission, a

50-50 joint venture company to

develop, license and sell nuclear fuel

assemblies based on Lightbridgedesigned

metallic fuel technology and

other advanced nuclear fuel intellectual

property. Lightbridge is a U.S.

nuclear fuel development company

and Framatome is a leader in designing,

building, servicing, and fueling

today’s reactor fleet and advancing

nuclear energy.

The two companies already began

joint fuel development and regulatory

licensing work under previously

signed agreements initiated in March

2016. The joint venture is a Delawarebased

limited liability company.

Bernard Fontana, Chairman of the

Managing Board and CEO of Framatome,

said: “This is an exciting time

of growth for Framatome and we are

proud to work with Lightbridge on

Enfission. Together, we are developing

an innovative fuel technology

that will provide significant benefits

for our customers, helping them to

generate more electricity from their

nuclear power plants and better compete

in the marketplace. Framatome

provides its next generation of fuel

assembly designs to more than 100 of

the approximately 260 light water

reactors worldwide. Through this

work, we help our customers to

meet their operational goals with

a high level of safety. We are confident

that our strategic partnership

with Lightbridge on Enfission will

strengthen our position as a key

international reference in the global

fuel market.”

Seth Grae, Lightbridge president

and CEO, said: “With the world calling

for more reliable, economic and

carbon- free baseload power, Lightbridge’s

innovative metallic fuel

technology will help both existing and

new nuclear plants fill that need.

Framatome is the ideal partner with



| | Joint Venture Negotiation Team Lightbridge

and Framatome

capabilities, an impeccable reputation

as a nuclear fuel supplier and a large

global footprint. We appreciate the

strong support we have already

received from the leading nuclear

operators, both in the U.S. and around

the world. The world’s energy and

climate needs can only be met if

nuclear power grows as a part of

the energy-generating mix. We are

honored to work with Framatome on

this important project and believe

the economic and safety benefits of

our fuel will encourage greater use of

nuclear power.”

| | (18501527),

Lightbridge awarded key

patents in Europe and China

for innovative metallic

fuel design

(lightbridge) Lightbridge Corporation

(NASDAQ:LTBR), a nuclear fuel technology

company, today announced it

has been awarded key patents in

both Europe and China related to

Lightbridge’s innovative metallic fuel

design that each extend through

2034. These patents follow Notices of

Allowances that were issued by the

European Patent Office and the State

Intellectual Property Office of the

People’s Republic of China, as

reported in October 2017.

The newly issued patents cover an

alternative embodiment of a multilobe

fuel rod design; an all-metal

pressurized water reactor (PWR) fuel

assembly design incorporating multilobe

fuel rods based on the alternative

embodiment; and an all-metal PWR

fuel assembly design incorporating

multi-lobe fuel rods arranged into a

mixed grid pattern, thereby covering

the all-metal fuel assembly design

after the most recent optimization.

Seth Grae, President and CEO of

Lightbridge, said: “These latest

patents are a critical step in solidifying

our intellectual protection around

the world as we gear up for commercialization

through Enfission, our

newly formed joint venture with

Framatome. Our fuel is ideally suited

for the European and Chinese

markets, as it is designed to significantly

enhance both the economics

and safety of existing and planned

nuclear reactors. With 181 operating

nuclear power plants across Europe,

and China poised to become the

largest market for nuclear, these

patents provide us a crucial and

defensible foothold in each of these

markets for years to come.”

Lightbridge has patents pending in

various countries around the world,


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