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Latent Fingerprints

Regular Silk Gray

Regular Silk Gray Fingerprint Powder Excellent for processing both light and dark surfaces, Silk Gray fingerprint powder features the same micro-milling manufacturing process as Silk Black, but it offers the flexibility of a mul -use means of developing latent prints on many non-porous surfaces. Silk Gray offers super sensi vity to minute skin secre ons and its consistent quality produces consistent results. 2 oz (59 ml) SI-102L 8 oz (237 ml) SI-BPP398 16 oz (473 ml) SI-BPP3916 64 oz (1893 ml) SI-BPP3964 128 oz (3785 ml) SI-BPP39128 Chemist Gray Fingerprint Powder Sirchie offers a new latent print powder from the Faurot-brand Chemist Gray. This powder has a wide variety of uses on non-porous surfaces and features excellent adherence and development quali es. 2 oz (59 ml) SI-L-1200 8 oz (237 ml) SI-L-1201 16 oz (473 ml) SI-L-1202 128 oz (3785 ml) SI-L-1203

Regular Black Magne c Fingerprint Powder Our most popular powder color in magne c form is finely milled for outstanding quality enhancement. This easy to use powder can be u lized on a wide variety of non-porous, non-ferrous surfaces. 16 ounce jar. BPM114L 16 oz Single-Scene Fingerprint Powders Cross-contamina on is on everyone's mind. Not now. Single-Scene Fingerprint Powders are individually packaged and herme cally sealed with enough fingerprint powder to handle a single crime scene...then you toss. Single-Scene Fingerprint Powders are especially important with high-profile cases or pesky defense a orneys. Regular SS Black | 30112 $3.07 Regular SS Dual-Use Powder LP-30110 Regular SS Red Fluorescent Powder LP-34035 Magne c SS Black Powder LP-30113 Magne c SS Red Powder LP-30130 Single-Scene Brushes Introducing Single-Scene Fiber and Feather Duster Brushes. Use with our Single-Scene powders. Single-Scene Fiber and Feather Duster Brushes are the same as our famous Fiber and Feather Dusters, but a li le more frugal. A er you're done, simply toss. Packaged in sterile, DNA-free tear open pouches . Fiber Duster LP-55390 Feather Duster LP- 55362

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