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Latent Fingerprints

Single Scene Magne c

Single Scene Magne c Applicator Our Single Scene Magne c Applicator alleviates scratching or damaging latent prints while helping keep the crime scene clean. Each "brush" helps you conserve powder by easily picking up any le over magne c powder. LP-05500 Fiber Duster Smooth Fiber Duster Smooth now is guaranteed to offer you up to 40% lower print distoron when processing for prints with regular powders. Years ago, we were inspired by the research of some NASA polymer chemists and engineers. Took us a while...and some money. But we finally came up with a patent-pending treatment process that reduces the fric on coefficient of the actual fiberglass filaments involved. Again, a minimum of 40-50% less print distor on. Each durable, perfectly balanced Fiber Duster is carefully wound and trimmed by us by hand…quality that you simply won’t get from other overseas or machine made brushes. Smooth is quan ta vely be er. Heavy-handed techniques, possible inexperience, one bad swipe or the fragility of the print you are working on...all factors for choosing this brush. Our brushes consistently work. They are affordable, durable and perfectly balanced. They are also pre-broken-in and ready for any powder. They are even washable. the mul tude of evidence surfaces...leaving small traces of powder on the minua that we see in perspira on and oils le in a latent. The generous so cluster of fiberglass filaments glide almost effortlessly across LP-05510 SEARCH Regular Powder Brush This general purpose brush is made of high-quality camel hair. The fine quality of the bristles permits dus ng of target objects with a very fine coat of either fluorescent invisible or visible detec on powder. The brush comes with a protec ve container and cap. Bristle length: 1 1/2". Overall length: 5 1/4". SI-118L

Spring Loaded Magne c Applicator The brand-new Spring-Loaded Forensic Wand is technologically genius. It won't roll off a table, and the spring-loaded feature enables you to have one-handed applica on with the flick of the thumb. What's even cooler is that our magne c applicators help alleviate damaging or scratching the latent print you worked so hard to develop! LP-35555 Regular Magne c Fingerprint Powder Applicator Magne c fingerprint powder applicators are designed for use with magne c powder. The powder will form a cluster at the end of the applicator, then used as a brush to develop the latent print. Simply place the unused por on back in the jar when you are done dus ng for prints. Easy to use, and not as messy as standard fingerprint powder. To be used on non-metallic surfaces. Red LP-05551 Black LP-05554 Black Marabou Feather Duster Tens of thousands of our standard Marabou Feather Dusters are in use by law enforcement agencies worldwide. Ideally suited for primary and secondary latent print development with any type of powder. Each brush comes with a transparent tube and cap for storage. Available in four colors. SPECIFICATIONS: • Handle and Ferrule Length: 4 5/8" • Feather Length: 4 1/2" SI-123LB Backing Cards Use Backing Cards to mount your li s. Complete with all documenta on and crime scene sketch areas, the cards are printed on extra heavy 8-point stock and feature a glossy white or black side for moun ng your li s. White 3" x 5", 50pk LP-05847 White 4" x 5", 50pk LP-05842 White 5.5" x 8.5", 100 pk LP-05581 White 8.5" x 11", 100 pk LP-05582 Black 4" x 5", 50 pk LP-05844 Black 5.5" x 8.5", 100 pk LP-05583 Black 7.5" x 16", 100 pk LP-06673 Tac cal Backing Cards, 100 pk LP-05849

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