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Latent Fingerprints

ArroGen SupraNano

ArroGen SupraNano Advanced latent fingerprint powders and suspensions provide much be er contrast and definion, producing sharper images with less background staining ArroGen Ltd is the leading innovator in the field of fingerprint development and finger mark analysis. Our advanced technology based on SupraNano par cles is revolu onising forensics and will boost the fight against crime and terrorism. A range of stable core silica nano-par cles has been engineered at the Supranano scale to produce a targeted set of proper es suitable for a wide range of powder products. The end par cle size is within the normal powder range while employing standard opera onal procedures and conforming to normal health and safety requirements. Improving the Forensic Field SupraNano Powders and Suspensions are applied using standard protocols and have been demonstrated in several studies to offer a superior li ed print resul ng in 20%- 40% be er contrast and defini on across a range of surfaces when compared to standard commercial powders: Specially formulated to develop latent marks on non porous (e.g. glass, ceramics,) semi porous surfaces (e.g. plas cs, non ferrous metals,) and porous surfaces up to twenty-eight days a er deposi on. Features and Benefits 1. SupraNano Powders are both hydrophobic and hydrophilic meaning that they s ck much more closely to finger mark surfaces and features with the poten al to provide much higher defini on and contrast than conven onal powders. 2. SupraNano Suspension Sprays are especially suitable for li ing prints in wet condi ons and where water contamina on is present. 3. Applied in the normal way SupraNano magne c powders are designed not to clump and excess powder is easily removed from the brush. Less propensity for staining compared to standard commercial powders. 4. Latent marks may be developed up to twenty-eight days a er deposi on. 5. Safe to use with no addi onal HSE requirements. 6. SupraNano Powders are available in both magne c and non-magne c forms in a wide range of colours and fluorescents for use on different surfaces. Independent Studies Independent studies show a marked improvement in image and contrast across a range of surfaces • Laminate Wood Surface – increase of 42% in defini on and 41% in contrast • White Ceramic Tiles - increase of 27 % in defini on and 24 % in contrast • Brown packing tape- increase of 34 % in defini on and 36 % in contrast • Covering All Latent Fingerprin ng requirements

Applica on – Reported Comments POWDERS • The SupraNano powders li well and have much less propensity to smudge on acetate sheet • In general SupraNano powders are finer and give a much smoother applica on. • The SupraNano black magne c powder gives much less background staining. • The SupraNano Black powder can be enhanced with a sweeping mo on while the excess is removed using a clean brush. • SupraNano magne c powders also work well with large flat magne c wands. • SupraNano Fluorescent magne c powders with UV light are ideal for use on busy backgrounds e.g. paper currency giving good contrast and defini on. SUPRANANO SUSPENSION SPRAY • The suspensions are at their best in outdoor scenes that have been we ed and dried or are s ll wet. For example the outside of vehicles, UPVC windows/doors, glass, painted surfaces like fences and even engineered/glazed bricks. Any semi smooth, no-porous/semi porous surface can be sampled. • The Black suspension has been shown to work successfully on painted surfaces and Zinc coated security fences. • The suspensions are designed to fluoresce at different wavelengths within the light spectrum while elimina ng background interference under certain wavelengths. For example the Yellow Suspension is highly fluorescent under UV long wave and blue light (300 – 450 nm) and is an excellent choice for many surfaces. The Green Suspension is op mal under blue light (400 – 450 nm) and can be filtered using a band pass filter (yellow 470nm) for more specific searching. Suspension Spray User Guide: 1. Shake the bo le to suspend the par cles. (Ensure that the bo le nozzle is set to OFF in order to prevent spla er when shaking) 2. Switch the nozzle bo le to SPRAY and aim the suspension at the desired surface that you wish to develop ridge detail on. On large surfaces start at the bo om and work your way up sampling areas about 50cm x 50cm. 3. Gently spray the suspension evenly across the surface, allow to run down the surface for a few moments and to fully soak the area. 4. The spray can be concentrated on areas to build up ridge detail as needed for weak marks.

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