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Latent Fingerprints

5. Rinse the surface to

5. Rinse the surface to remove excess suspension. This can be done by either pouring or spraying water from above that then flows down the surface removing excess powder. This can be done using a standard garden pump sprayer or jug. Ensure that the surface is completely clean of un-adhered suspension. Do not spray water with force directly at a visible mark as it may damage the developed ridge detail. 6. If available to do so allow the visible mark to dry before a emp ng to li . The mark can be li ed using standard fingerprint li ing tape, hinge li er, Crystal tab or Gel li er however, if me is of the essence then photograph the mark in situa on before using a standard gel li er to li the wet mark. This should be done very gently and do not allow the Gel to slip as the mark will be damaged. Once li ed onto the gel place into a gel box and allow the gel to dry in a vehicle or lab. DO NOT cover the gel with acetate whilst the mark is s ll wet. 7. Once all the visible marks have been li ed the area that has been examined can be cleaned down using soap and water. 8. The developed ridge detail can be visualised using the correct light source and band pass filter. Supranano Products Product Codes Black Powder 60 ml (2 oz) White Powder 60 ml (2 oz) Black Magne c Powder 30 ml (1 oz) White Magne c Powder 30 ml (1 oz) Fluorescent Red Powder 60 ml (2 oz) Fluorescent Yellow Powder 60 ml (2 oz) Fluorescent Green Powder 60 ml (2 oz) Fluorescent Magne c Red Powder 30 ml (1 oz) Fluorescent Magne c Yellow Powder 30 ml (1 oz) Fluorescent Magne c Green Powder 30 ml (1 oz) Suspensions Fluorescent Red Suspension 250 ml (8.5 oz) Fluorescent Green Suspension 250 ml (8.5 oz) Fluorescent Yellow Suspension 250 ml (8.5 oz) Fluorescent Black Suspension 250 ml (8.5 oz) AG-BLPD-60 AG-WHPD-60 AG-BLMPD-30 AG-WHMPD-30 AG-FRPD-60 AG-FYPD-60 AG-FGPD-60 AG-FMRPD-30 AG-FMYPD-30 AG-FMGPD-30 AG-FRSUS-250 AG-FGSUS-250 AG-FYSUS-250 AG-FB-SUS-250

Silk Black Latent Print Powder The standard in black fingerprint powder. The most popular of our Oxide latent powders, Silk Black fingerprint powder features micro-milling to assure the finest quality, and is one of the most versa le powders available. Sirchie has followed this same formula on for more than sixty years, which a ests to its popularity. Use Silk Black on non-porous surfaces such as: painted wood, metal, and most plas c surfaces. This powder offers superior contrast on light-colored surfaces. 2 oz (59 ml) SI-101L 8 oz (237 ml) SI-BPP098 16 oz (473 ml) SI-BPP0916 64 oz (1893 ml) SI-BPP0964 128 oz (3785 ml) SI-BPP09128 Black Fingerprint Powder There's nothing standard about our basic powders! This Black Fingerprint Powder is perfect for li ing latent prints from non-porous surfaces such as glass, finished wood and plas c. Hand-made from an all-natural process using the finest ingredients. 2 oz LP-05495 8 oz LP-05497 16 oz LP-05499 64 oz LP-05483 128 oz LP-05480 Indestruc ble White “Hi-Fi” Volcano Latent Fingerprint Powder Indestruc ble White is the whitest of white fingerprint powders available on the market today from any source. The consistent quality and texture of Indestruc ble White Fingerprint Powder assure the best possible results on dark, non-porous surfaces. Micro-milled to perfec on, Indestruc ble White has a superior affinity to the weakest of skin secre ons. 2 oz (59 ml) SI-103L 8 oz (237 ml) SI-BPP198 16 oz (473 ml) SI-BPP1916 64 oz (1893 ml) SI-BPP1964 128 oz (3785 ml) SI-BPP19128

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