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Rulers and Measurement

ABFO No. 2

ABFO No. 2 Photomacrographic Scale Widely accepted format for bite mark photography. Get precise measurements every me in close-up crime scene shots with this photo ruler. Of rigid vinyl plas c, marked with easy-to-see and photograph measurements on a glare-free finish. Overall size 105 mm x 105 mm. CS-0055 Photomacrographic scale each 6” Grey Ruler with Colour Scale This new 6” laminated grey ruler with built in color scale is ideal for measuring and photographing bruises. You get a rela ve color scale built into every photo to ensure evidence integrity. CS-0026 6” Grey Ruler with Colour Scale

Our forensic scales are designed specifically to provide a frame or reference for photography and/or measuring points of interest. Materials used are selected to minimize glare from camera flash. Many color selec ons are available to match the par cular requirement when using a color camera or just providing contrast. Paper, plas c and magne c materials offer versa lity of applica on. Phosphorescent (PHS) products glow in the dark without the need for a light source! (Light energy absorp on required). A unique and important feature of these products is that they include Op rec linear® graphics that extend the object-to-camera range. In addi on, the physical size and font structure of all reference numbers are graphically designed for op mum visibility. Black and Blue rules have white graphics, all others are black. METRIC - PHOTOMACROGRAPHIC SCALES 8cm x 8c Color Paper Paper Adhesive Plas c Plas c/Magne c Black CS-0241-BK CS-0242-BK CS-0243-BK CS-0244-BK White CS-0241-WH CS-0242-WH CS-0243-WH CS-0244-WH Grey CS-0241-GY CS-0242-GY CS-0243-GY CS-0244-GY Yellow CS-0241-YW CS-0242-YW CS-0243-YW CS-0244-YW Blue CS-0241-BL CS-0242-BL CS-0243-BL CS-0244-BL FRACTIONAL - PHOTOMACROGRAPHIC SCALES 3’’ X 3’’ Color Paper Paper Adhesive Plas c Plas c/Magne c Black CS-0237-BK CS-0238-BK CS-0239-BK CS-0240-BK White CS-0237-WH CS-0238-WH Grey CS-0237-GY CS-0238-GY CS-0239-GY CS-0240-GY

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