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Forensic Light Sources

CrimeScope® from Spex

CrimeScope® from Spex Forensics The CrimeScope isThe Ul mate Forensic Light Source and “The flagship of the SPEX Forensics product line.” It covers the spectrum from UV through the visible range and into infrared, in your choice of systems: 12 wavelengths from UV through the visible spectrum, 15 wavelengths from UV through the visible spectrum, or add the op onal Infrared kit with four wavelengths in the infrared spectrum to either one. Ideally suited as a lab or crime scene instrument, it features a remote control integrated into the end of the light guide for easy use. It uses a powerful 500 wa Xenon Arc Lamp, with adjustable filters providing an almost con nuous output wavelength spectrum in the en re visible range. The CrimeScope is manufactured under ISO9001 standards and comes complete with goggles, camera filters, heavy duty flexible arm to hold the light guide in place, carrying case and training. Mini-CrimeScope® Advance from Spex Forensics Using new bulb technology, as well as new high throughput, high durability interference filters, it produces more light than the current Mini-CrimeScope®. Intensity and power allow for be er sensi vity−helping to find the faintest of evidence in a more compact and lighter design. Features a patented filter wheel at the working end of the liquid light guide. To switch a filter the user need only “flick a thumb” on the hand that is direc ng the light guide. No other light source manufacturer can make this claim. Suitable for lab or field use, it has 15 output wavelengths from UV to 600nm, is manufactured under ISO9001 standards, and comes with goggles, carrying case and training.

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