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Forensic Light Sources

SceneScope Advance RUVIS

SceneScope Advance RUVIS UV Imager from Spex Forensics The SceneScope Advance imager uses intensified UV reflectance instead of fluorescence as in Forensic Light Sources. The System can detect fingerprints on most non-porous surfaces prior to any treatment or a er a cyanoacrylate (Superglue) fuming. Fuming is required when preliminary examina on yields no results. NYLON FRAMED FORENSIC GOGGLES Tired of having your current goggles snap, crack and break? Want greater comfort? These nylon framed wrap around goggles are much more durable, and comfortable. These goggles will fit over prescrip on glasses, and have adjustable arms. Each pair comes in their own carrying case. NL-ARG38

Colored Forensic Goggles These wrap around goggles made of polycarbonate provide personal protec on and ideal wavelength absorp on for use with forensic alternate light sources. Easily fit over prescrip on glasses. Come in a vinyl carrying case. Orange wrap-around goggles provide high contrast 100% UV protec on, 100% blue light protec on. NL-U6032 Yellow wrap-around goggles heightens contrast with 100% UV protec on. NL-U50 Red wrap-around goggles provide 100% UV protec on. NL-U90 Clear wrap-around goggles provide total UV protec on with no reduc on in visibility LASER PROTECTIVE GOGGLES These goggles provide greater protec on against back-sca ered and reflec ve laser light. They provide 180-532nm OD 7+ protec on. These goggles are commonly used with the Coherent TracER systems NL-ARG60 Laser Fit– Over Goggles Camera Filters & Stepping Rings These high quality filters allow you to photograph what your eyes can see when using forensic alternate light sources and the appropriate forensic goggles. It is important that these high pass filters approximate the characteris cs of the goggles you wear, in order to capture as close as possible the trace evidence and detail that the inves gator sees. HE-095NAD086 UV Haze 60 mm filter HE-095NAD091 Yellow 62 mm filter HE-095NAD090 Red 62 mm filter HE-095BOO018 Infra Red High Pass filter (> 720 nm) HE-6267 Camera stepping ring 62/67, 62/67 HE-5258 Camera stepping ring 52/58, 52/58 HE-4958 Camera stepping ring49/58, 49/58 HE-095KDN025 22 Orange 62 mm filter

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