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SG MAG MAR 2018 MAIN1 Jack Armstrong, the founder of Cosmic X art was inspired, by a Black Star Sapphire precious gem stone to only produce 100 amazing cosmic paintings which many proclaim they have a common experience of an indescribable energy that seemingly vibrates from the paintings as they focus on them giving them a feeling of rejuvenation and vibrancy. After reading the exceptionally informative 2017 Artprice report on the link above please peruse this magazine and our website. Armstrong was last seen in public at one of the worlds top showcase events, BIG BOYS TOYS, in Dubai 2014 where he exhibited his Cosmic Star Cruiser ARTbike at $3M along with some of his paintings. He debuted on the world stage with the launch of his Cosmic StarShip Harley Davidson motorcycle in 2010. This seminal piece along with two of his striking seminal paintings are now being offered by Star Global International Inc. at $10M each. A 4-page interview was recently printed in the Elite Family Office Magazine’s prestigious ART & MUSEUM insert. This was submitted by Derek Culley who first discovered and exhibited artist Damien Hirst. You can read the full interview reprinted later in this magazine, although you may already have received a copy. Armstrong has not been seen in public since his return to his home in Mexico from Dubai in 2014 when he became seriously ill. There have been some reports of his death. Rumors aside, given the world wide publicity of one of his seminal pieces, The Cosmic StarShip Harley Davidson, and the media blitz expected this year, it would not be surprising to see the value of his art sky rocket. If you can afford to tuck one of these away you could be looking at $20M upwards in the next few years because of the rarity factor of his works. You may want to buy someone a unique present . Armstrong sometimes referred to as “the art rebel” renounced the galleries and auctions and sold only privately to savvy collectors and investors. About half of his art pieces are in private hands and with the contemporary art market red hot and virtually no-one too eager to sell, the market for his work will explode on the first public sale announcement. Add a hedge to your portfolio now! Only 100 people in the world can ever own an Armstrong! Veteran NYC art dealer William Acquavella often told his clients, “You can remake your money, but you can’t remake the painting, meaning: you can earn the cost back, but if you miss the opportunity to buy the work when it is available, it is likely gone forever”. Iain Hammer PhD STAR GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL INC. 2

BLACK STAR SAPPHIRE OWNER JACK ARMSTRONG COSMIC HARLEY DAVIDSON This magazine catalogues some 46 of the amazing 100 paintings of cosmic artist and art rebel Jack Armstrong whom I’ve known for 12 years. Letters by the artist himself regarding 3 of his seminal pieces, his Triptych, have been included. Jack now in his sixties and in declining health is still flamboyant, out spoken and even arrogant at times. However, underneath this mask, he is a very caring and sensitive man with a deep passion for the millions of forgotten artists who could never break through the wall of the “art cartel”, his name for the major art galleries and auction houses. These establishments alone decide who is to be or not to be the celebrated and wealthiest artists. Jack has shown another way with his new style of modern art, “Cosmic Extensionalism” and self-promotion, making it possible for an artist to jump the wall. With help from Star Global International he launched the Million Dollar Cosmic Harley in 2010. It is the most famous and expensive motorcycle in the world. He has never participated in an auction, yet he has made direct high-value sales to very wealthy buyers. As a young boy on a visit to the Smithsonian Museum with his mother, Jack was fixated by a unique and precious stone, a 733-carat sapphire, the Black Star Sapphire of Queensland. He promised his mother that one day he would buy the stone and he did. The stone spoke to him and told him he would be a famous artist and to paint exactly 100 paintings and never another. As a young model and artist in the 1980s in New York, Jack ran with such iconic artists as Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring. Indeed, Andy Warhol gave him the name “The Last Wizard”. I developed the concept of the “Million Dollar Harley” as a branding tool similar to Warhol’s soup can. My aim was to connect with a larger and more current generation and this rocketed Jack to super star status. The Cosmic Harley and artist even reached the cover of the Pakistani Times. They are now well entrenched in the psyche of many people and currently 2 books have chapters talking about the Cosmic Harley. Any researcher will see numerous articles in newspapers, magazines, internet, and on radio & TV. While not quite as famous as his uncle, astronaut Neil Armstrong, Jack is the subject of “The Last Wizard” a movie, staring Damian Chapa and Eric Roberts, being made soon about his life. Damian was introduced in the 1980s to Jack at a Warhol Party by Details Magazine’s brilliant writer Stephan Saban. With only 100 paintings in the entire world these colorful, multilayered, acrylic on canvas paintings, are held closely by savvy collectors who bought directly from the artist himself or through Star Global International. The art has Jack’s finger prints, thumb prints, hand prints, and DNA in all of the 100 paintings - a process cleverly devised by the artist to thwart forgeries. However, Star Global is keeping track and can authenticate all of the paintings. Twenty-five paintings are destined to form the basis of a museum which the artist will open soon. He aims to help other talented artists showcase their talents. This means only 75 paintings can ever be available for sale. About 80 of Jack’s paintings are 24” x 36” before framing and are multi-layered and amazingly vibrant. Starting prices are currently from $1,950,000 rising steeply to $12,000,000. Two paintings, 36” x 48”, are priced at $4,9500,00 each and one piece de resistance, “Cosmic Starship Arrival”, 48” x 60”, recently priced at over $6,500,000. Alice Walton, WalMart billionaire and owner of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, architect Narendra Patel, French superstar Michel Polnareff, Donny York of iconic pop group Sha Na Na, and Eric Roberts are listed among his famous collectors. Very recently a 4-page in-depth interview with Jack appeared in “Art & Museum”. This was submitted by Derek Culley, the artist who discovered Damien Hirst. The magazine is part of The Family Office Elite Magazine which goes to high net worth individuals usually with assets around $100 million + dollars. Jack’s paintings are destined to be virtually priceless and a renowned art valuation expert told Star Global that the “sky is the limit” since there are only 100 paintings. It is most unlikely that any of these paintings will find their way to market soon as most current owners are certain that the contemporary art market is expanding. Owning an Armstrong is a combination of something exclusive and of beauty to brag about. It’s also about possessing portable wealth. Jack’s story and art are uniquely based on his ownership of the Black Star Sapphire of Queensland which he and many believe has magical powers of good fortune! 3