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Laboratory Equipment


CYANOACRYLATE FUMING CHAMBERS AND FILTERS The Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber is used to develop latent prints from non-porous surfaces in a controlled and safe environment. The ductless design allows immediate use. Simply plug-in and go. Cyanoacrylate is placed inside the chamber while evidence is easily posioned using the adjustable hanging rods. Star ng the cycle triggers the automated system to control the hotplate, humidity, door lock, internal circula on fan, and purge cycle. Its recirculatory design makes the unit ‘ready to use' with no duc ng required for its opera on or setup. The Cyanoacrylate vapours are filtered by a special carbon filter. This ensures that no dangerous substances are exhausted in to the atmosphere surrounding the laboratory. Its ductless construc on also allows the unit to be easily moved and transported. The easy to use control displays all parameters of the processing cycle. Adjustments to the presets can be quickly performed. Display features include: Hot plate, Humidity, Temperature, Circula on fan, Cycle me, Lights, Door posi on with lock alarm, Filter condi on, Purge cycle with emergency stop. FC-CA-60-01 External Dimensions(w x d x h) : 60cm x 60cm x 76cm Internal Dimensions (w x d x h) : 58cm x 58cm x 70cm Airflow (m3/hr): 175 Prefilter (efficiencies superior to 99.6%): 1 Main Filter 5kg: 1 Electrical Supply: Single Phase 230v, 50Hz Noise (dBA) :

FC-CA-150-01 External Dimensions( w x d x h) : 152cm x 75cm x 155cm Internal Dimensions (w x d x h): 141cm x 67cm x 147cm Airflow (m3/hr): 250 Prefilter (efficiencies superior to 99.6%): 1 Main Filter 5kg: 1 Electrical Supply: Single Phase 230v, 50Hz Noise (dBA) :

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