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Personal Protection

LiquidGuard Coveralls

LiquidGuard Coveralls – Be er Than Tyvek!® • 67% more liquid resistant • 25% more breathable • 100% par cle holdout, lint free • More cost effec ve - Made of microporous film fabrics, impervious yet breathable for protec on and comfort - Excellent protec on against non-hazardous chemical splashes, liquids, dry par cles, grease and grime - Passes the Blood and Viral Penetra on Tests per ASTM F1670 and F1671 - Lint free, latex free, an -sta c treated, individually packaged, to reduce unknown fibres from being le at scenes LiquidGuard white, with a ached hood, no boots (other styles available, please inquire): VM-4904WS 25/cs VM-4904WM 25/cs VM-4904WL 25/cs VM-4904WXL 25/cs VM-4904W2XL 25/cs VM-4904W3XL 25/cs

LiquidGuard Shoe and Boot Covers • 5 mes more skid resistant than tradi onal re tread non-skid shoe covers • LiquidGuard material on top for protec on. • Impervious, yet breathable for protec on and comfort • Latex free, lint free so won’t leave fibres at scene • An sta c treated to reduce fric on shocks • Fire retardant •Greatly reduce accidental falls and poten al worker’s compensa on costs Shoe covers, white, 300 pcs/case VM-2390WHS/M Small/Medium VM-2390WHL/XL Large/X-large VM-2390WH2XL 2Xlarge Boot covers, white, 200pcs/case, knee high VM-2395WHS/M Small/Medium VM-2395WHL/XL Large/X-large VM-2395WH2XL 2 Xlarge Fluid Resistant Masks with Splash Visor • Ultra-3-in-1 Mask • Fluid resistant • Ultra filtra on, BFE 99.5%, PFE 99.7% at 0.1 micron • No dye, latex free, breathable, fibreglass free •Fog free, an -glare treated splash visor shield VM-5673E-SBBX Ear Loop Sky Blue, 25 per box VM-5673E-SBCS Ear Loop Sky Blue, 4 boxes per case VM-5673T-SBBX Tie-on Sky Blue, 25 per box VM-5673T-SBCS Tie-on Sky Blue, 4 boxes per case

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