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teams in action | corporate services THE MAKING OF Our Salary Guides Robert Half has produced its Salary Guides — featuring some of the most reliable data on compensation out there — for almost 70 years. The guides are an important resource for our field teams to use with clients and job seekers. But do you know what goes into making the Salary Guides every year? Creating each year’s guides takes nine months, countless hours and the expertise of colleagues from across the business. And this year, the guides were even more complex because of changes in how we collected and presented much of the salary data. “Over the years, we’ve had questions from people looking for more detail about the salary ranges,” said Reesa Staten, senior vice president of Corporate Communications. “This new process enabled us to give more color around that data.” The efforts paid off quickly. Salary Guides have long been the most downloaded piece of thought leadership we produce each year, but downloads jumped almost 50 percent within the first month of release in North America. Multiple teams in our Corporate Communications, Human Resources, IT and Marketing departments have long been involved in the research, design and promotional aspects of the guides. This year, the data analytics and IT teams helped gather and interpret the data, while the enterprise compensation team reviewed the information and provided insight on compensation trends. Once the data is finalized and the trends researched, editors and writers on our content marketing team finetune the text. The creative services team designs the guides to appeal to our customers, in addition to developing the assets to support the promotion of the guides. Our public relations, social and marketing teams around the globe then start promoting the finished pieces to news outlets through public relations campaigns, as well as to new customers through social media, email and our websites. “We’re proud that we provide the best salary information and are excited about providing our recruiters with more detailed data that can help them build their business,” said Christine Pardi, senior communications program manager. The public relations team also uses the guides to build our brand through major publications like The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, The Globe and Mail, Financial Times, Le Figaro and Handlesblatt, as well as trade publications and local news outlets to hook potential clients and candidates. “Behind the scenes, there’s so much that happens to get to that point,” said Christine, who has worked on the Salary Guides for nine years. TAKING ADVANTAGE OF SALESFORCE One of the big changes to the 2018 guides in North America was pulling the information from Salesforce instead of field surveys. This will be further explored for the international zone in the coming year. “We knew we had this valuable information, so we embraced the challenge,” Christine said. “We wanted to take advantage of it to access more real-time data.” To extract the Salesforce data for our lines of business, she worked closely with Eric Gai, senior director of global data analytics and customer research insights, and Regan Sweeney, senior manager of global marketing analytics. As a final step, senior compensation analyst Jeremy Lawson and his colleagues 20 HALF TIMES

corporate services | teams in action Some of our colleagues from Corporate Communications, Human Resources and Marketing who helped bring our Salary Guides to life this year analyzed and validated the data. “They were our salary saviors, since this process was so new to us,” Christine said. “Despite some hurdles, we delivered an accurate and valuable tool for the field,” Christine added. “It’s a huge undertaking for multiple teams to make it all happen, but working with such amazing colleagues made it easier.” Our global public relations and marketing teams create Salary Guides for 16 countries outside of North America, which are made available in eight languages to showcase local hiring and recruitment trends, said Kristie Perrotte, director of public relations and communication for Europe and the Middle East. It is a team effort, with public relations managers partnering with local leadership on the content. Country marketing, social media and online marketing managers work with creative, marketing technology and website teams to deliver best-in-class guides and marketing campaigns around the world. GETTING THE LOOK Vanessa Abbuhl, senior manager of online marketing, was responsible for the overall marketing strategy and promotion of the guides. “Everyone is very dedicated and supportive, and there is a lot of trust between the teams,” she said. “We strive to deliver the best possible salary guide program and online experience every year.” CONT’D ON PAGE 22 HALF TIMES 21