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in the spotlight | anniversaries TROY COHOON Director of Permanent Placement Services Indianapolis, Ind. 20 YRS Early in his career, Troy Cohoon received some uplifting advice from a senior leader that he believes any new hire could benefit from. “I was struggling at the time and this individual sent me an email that said, ‘I know you are temporarily struggling. We all do from time to time. Soon [this] will end and you will feel better. ... I believe in you, and you will prevail.’” And prevail he did. Throughout his career, Troy has learned the business inside and out, not only from the variety of roles he’s held, from staffing manager to branch manager, but also from working in five of our divisions. He’s even won Chairman’s and President’s Club awards in multiple divisions. “From the moment I first set eyes on the bullpen, I knew this job was for me,” Troy said. “The fast pace, the challenges, the ever-changing environment and the pay for performance appealed to me. Knowing we are the best in the industry, and continue to be, makes the job all the more enjoyable.” JOHN CONLAN Pre-Press Artist Ankeny, Iowa 20 YRS What John Conlan loves most about his job is what brought him here in the first place. “I value the relationships,” he said. “My first role came from an inquiry by [Robert Half Printing general manager] John Linden. We already knew each other, and when he said, ‘You looking?’ I responded with, ‘You hiring?’” John came on board before digital printing processes became standard, and he has evolved right along with the new workflows. “The changes we have seen in print media have been exciting,” John said. “Finding ways to adapt my career and stay relevant has led to new opportunities for me,” which include training to help manage projects related to trade shows. “I’ve found a home and family here. I’m happiest when I’m a productive part of a team,” he said. “Inside and outside of work, my family inspires me to always do my best.” RENEE FRANZOSA Recruiting Manager Westborough, Mass. 20 YRS Renee Franzosa was looking for an entry-level recruiting role when Robert Half completely won her over. “I was excited to be part of a company that is an industry leader,” she said. That still holds true today. “Working at Robert Half is the ‘greatest show on Earth.’ Helping people progress in their careers, while earning a living, makes me proud to work here.” The secret to Renee’s success might lie in her resiliency. “I’ve done well by not dwelling on minor setbacks or rejections,” Renee said. “If a candidate declines an offer or the client hires someone else, I quickly move on to the next task. “This job is never stagnant because we work with people — and no two are alike.” But her proudest moments on the job come from watching her colleagues succeed. “When people I’ve hired or trained get promoted, it’s definitely a proud moment for me,” Renee said. “I can’t take credit for their success, but I feel good that I played a role in it.” ABOUT TROY Favorite vacation spot: Our family loves to travel, and our favorite city is London. We love the culture and history. First thing I read in the morning: The news. ABOUT JOHN Personal motto: Actions equal priorities. Book I’m listening to: The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, but my favorite book is The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac. ABOUT RENEE Dream job as a child: I always thought I would be a veterinarian, but then I realized that I would have to care for snakes! Best book ever read: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. 44 HALF TIMES

anniversaries | in the spotlight BRENDA HALL Accounts Payable Specialist San Ramon, Calif. 20 YRS 20 YRS NICOLE HOLLOWAY Senior Lead Administrator Ontario, Calif. 20 YRS LYNN KLING Senior Manager of Business Integration San Ramon, Calif. As a child, Brenda Hall dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. Her career took a turn, however, after marrying her police officer husband — who has a degree in accounting and encouraged her to try the field. After taking an accelerated course, she was hooked. Her motto is “I can show you better than I can tell you,” a phrase she uses at work and with her daughter. “I send people screen shots to help them get it. That usually works for me,” she said. But Brenda still pursues her original passion: She designs clothes and styles musicians — including a Grammynominated artist! Brenda attributes much of her long-term success to her personality, patience and desire to “just figure it out.” She also greatly appreciates her coworkers. “I really enjoy working closely together with my team to get the job done,” she said. “A lot of us have been here for quite some time and have grown up together.” Only nine months after Nicole Holloway joined our company as a marketing coordinator, she was promoted to lead administrator. It was the first of many changes that confirmed she made the right choice. Throughout her career, Nicole continues to appreciate how Robert Half leads the staffing industry when it comes to the latest business strategies, technologies and innovations. Nicole is a fan of the new tools and resources Robert Half has introduced in recent years. “These updates help me do my job better and better, and I learn so much at the same time,” she explained. “The ever-changing technology keeps my job interesting.” Nicole also enjoys training members of her team on the latest tools and processes. “The people I work with inspire me to do my best,” she said. “I want to know as much as possible so I can always be a resource to them.” We often say that opportunities are endless at Robert Half, and few people have taken this to heart as much as Lynn Kling. She started in corporate accounting, then moved over to field accounting and worked on reporting and system implementations for both staffing and Protiviti. “I even had the opportunity to work in our Birmingham, U.K., office in the early days of our Corporate Services operations in Europe,” she said. “One thing I love about working at Robert Half is how many dedicated employees we have who have grown up with the company over the years,” she said. “I started shortly after getting married, and I now have a child in college. Robert Half is family.” Outside of work, Lynn volunteers to lead a class at her church for children with special needs. “My husband and I learn so much from the kids, and it gives their parents a much-needed break,” she said. ABOUT BRENDA Theme song: I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan. Best present ever received: My mother’s earrings and brooch. ABOUT NICOLE Favorite passion: Taking on DIY projects around the house, like tiling and building a deck. Biggest strengths: Patience and understanding. ABOUT LYNN Theme song: Climb Every Mountain from The Sound of Music. First job: I worked at Fannie Mae Candies in high school. I could eat all the candy I wanted while at the store! HALF TIMES 45