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in the spotlight | anniversaries JUNE LIGGINS Financial Analyst San Ramon, Calif. 20 YRS LAURA MANZO Accounting Analyst San Ramon, Calif. 20 YRS SCOTT MELBA Deployment Programs Manager Wilmington, Del. 20 YRS June Liggins has the following advice for someone just starting their career at Robert Half: “Set personal goals — it’s important to have a plan to succeed.” If you met June, you would say she’s done just that. She got her start in Corporate Services as an accounts payable lead. At her interview, one of the senior vice presidents happened to see her waiting, greeted her and made sure she was comfortable. Referring to the senior manager, June said, “She left a deep impression on me about the type of people who work here, the importance of treating employees well and balancing work with the rest of our lives.” Later, June was promoted to supervisor and, as her department grew, she was offered an opportunity to become a financial analyst. What she appreciates most about Robert Half are “the ethics and clear vision that guide our company. It makes me proud to be a part of such an organization.” Laura Manzo’s professional evolution — which has taken her from a childhood job picking tomatoes and cherries with her family to her current role — stems from an incredible sense of determination. “That’s my biggest strength,” Laura said. “If I had a personal motto, it would be, ‘Always do the best at everything you do, be open minded and love the work you do.’” Laura’s ever-changing environment at work has been a welcome challenge — and one that keeps her engaged. “There is nothing boring about my responsibilities, and it helps that the people I work with are like another family to me.” Beyond her accomplishments on the job — including being nominated in 2000 as her department’s World Class Leader in Corporate Accounting — Laura said working in the staffing industry gives her a huge sense of pride. “What better place to work than at a company that facilitates finding jobs for so many?” When Scott Melba was a kid, he dreamed of becoming an airline pilot or astronaut. And yet his career here didn’t curb his opportunities to see the world. “In my previous role here, I traveled around the U.S. and Canada,” he said. “My current role has afforded me the opportunity to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for our South America Salesforce deployment.” Scott chose his first position as an account executive for Robert Half Technology in Wilmington, Del., because “When my father heard that Robert Half was one of the companies I was considering, the impressed tone of his voice told me all I needed to know!” A genuine desire to help people has been key to his success. “In the field, I loved working with my clients and my candidates,” Scott said. “Now, on the Corporate Services side, I can still work with them by helping the field teams expand their business.” ABOUT JUNE Personal motto: From William Shakespeare, “To thine own self be true.” Currently reading: Hillbilly Elegy by J. D. Vance. ABOUT LAURA Most amazing place I’ve been: The colors in Kauai, Hawaii, make it feel like I’m in paradise. Superhero power I’d like: To spread generosity and kindness easily. ABOUT SCOTT Favorite website: That has to be Google. I don’t remember what we did before we had it! Hometown: San Diego, even though I’ve now lived elsewhere for longer than I lived there. 46 HALF TIMES

anniversaries | in the spotlight ALISON METZGER Director of Internal Recruiting Englewood, Colo. 20 YRS KRISTAL PRESCHERN Staffing Support Torrance, Calif. 20 YRS DAVE SNOW 20 YRS Warehouse Operator Ankeny, Iowa Alison Metzger said her manager and her colleagues top the list of why she loves her job. “[President of Technology Staffing Services and Robert Half Legal] Bob Clark is the leader I want to be like. He makes me want to succeed,” she said. Throughout her career, Alison’s held positions ranging from staffing manager and account executive to branch manager and regional manager. She transitioned to her current role a little more than five years ago — a career change that meshed perfectly with her desire to help others professionally. While her outgoing personality has been key to her success, Alison recalls how important it was for her to learn from the advice of her coworkers, particularly as she was just beginning her career. She encourages all new employees to do the same. “For those just starting out, the hardest part of this job is your first six months. Don’t give up!” Kristal Preschern has held every branchlevel administrative position at one time or another — from front-desk coordinator to sales support — and even started her career here as a temporary professional. “I initially accepted the position because I needed the income, and the branch manager was willing to work with my schedule,” said Kristal, a 2016 RHight On! winner, who now supports the Robert Half Finance & Accounting team. “When I was offered the full-time role, I accepted it because I enjoyed working with the people in that office and the feeling of helping others.” It turns out the joy of helping others is shared by Kristal’s administrative team. In turn, “Having colleagues acknowledge my hard work and extra effort makes me happiest at work,” she said. A positive attitude also helps. “Being flexible and willing to roll with changes make for a happy work environment,” she said. Dave Snow knows how to keep things moving in our printing facility. “I’m the guy who keeps his coworkers busy and productive during slow times, keeping the place organized, clean and running smoothly,” he said. “I’m inspired to do my best knowing how much others rely upon me.” But going to work isn’t all work for Dave. Over the last 20 years, he has built meaningful connections with his colleagues, many of whom have worked here as long as he has — or longer. “It’s been awesome to know these people for so long,” Dave said. “What I’m most proud of is that I get to hang out with my work family all day. We’ve been through everything together, from births to funerals. [General manager] John Linden has always made this a ‘family first’ kind of place. I feel so lucky to have found Robert Half.” ABOUT ALISON Favorite vacation spot: Marco Island, Fla., or Bald Head Island, N.C. Community service: I support the Dream Street Foundation, which sends young people with terminal diseases to camp. ABOUT KRISTAL Funniest thing my kid did: While watching YouTube videos on my phone, my five-yearold daughter got up and said, “I’m going downstairs to get more signal. I’ll be back.” Best vacation spot: Hawaii’s Big Island. ABOUT DAVE Favorite hobbies: Fishing and playing horseshoes. Favorite way to relax: Listening to music, and grilling with my family and friends. HALF TIMES 47