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in the spotlight | anniversaries 25 Years: CHRIS LEYSSENS Diegem, Belgium ANNIVERSARIES 20 Years: FE BRINKERHOFF San Ramon, Calif. ALANNA BROOKSBANK Memphis, Tenn. MELISSA BURCH Cincinnati, Ohio SHAWN OWENS Southfield, Mich. ADRIENNE SWENSGARD Cincinnati, Ohio DAVID YOCOM Knoxville, Tenn. 15 Years: ANN ADAMS San Ramon, Calif. PIPPA BAILEY Milton Keynes, U.K. KATHLEEN CATTANI Menlo Park, Calif. ABBEY CLARK Des Moines, Iowa ROBIN COHEN Westborough, Mass. MICHAEL DAWSON San Ramon, Calif. LEONARD EBENS Rotterdam, Netherlands JOE GONZALES Baltimore, Md. LAURIE GRIESE Washington, D.C. KEVIN HUDSON Birmingham, U.K. TABATHA KNOPICK Omaha, Neb. LESLEE KUPPERMAN Chicago, Ill. CHRIS MATHE Minneapolis, Minn. ROBERT MCCAULEY San Ramon, Calif. KRISTEN MCNAMARA Birmingham, U.K. RANDALL MICEK Oakland, Calif. THUY NGUYEN San Ramon, Calif. ALAN REISINGER Cleveland, Ohio MIKE SHEDROFF San Francisco, Calif. CHRISTIAN UMBS Frankfurt, Germany TIM WEBB Blue Ash, Ohio Happy Holidays from HALF TIMES! 48 HALF TIMES

BE A DATA DEFENDER Protect yourself, your customers and your clients from security breaches. IN YOUR INBOX In emails from unknown senders, investigate links and attachments. ON ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS Choose hard-to-guess passwords. ON SOCIAL MEDIA Don’t upload or post anything you wouldn’t want everyone to see. OUT IN THE WORLD Use only official, encrypted Wi-Fi connections in public areas like cafes, airports and hotels. For more tips and information, search for Data Defenders on the intranet. HALF TIMES 49