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Fitzgerald's Town

26. Government Gazette

26. Government Gazette Province of Canterbury Vol.XIV No. 3. 27. Lyttelton Times. 28 September 1863. See Papers Past. 28. Ibid. 9 June 1869. See Papers Past. 29. Star 29 May 1888, 4 July 1888, 5 July 1888. See Papers Past 30. Canterbury Times 27 July 1898, 3 August 1898. 92

READING, WRITING AND ARITHMETIC 34. Primary school on Boundary Road. The first settlers in the Lincoln district were well aware of the value of education and in 1858 Mrs Tod made sure that her children, and those of her neighbours, were able to read and write. Education in the Lincoln district was underway before the Lincoln subdivision was a reality! Mrs Tod’s efforts were recognised by the provincial government which provided a grant-in-aid through the Presbyterian Church of which the family were adherents. At first the classroom was in the Tod home and when a teacher, Mr Bowie, was appointed he lived with the family. This ended when a Sunday School was built in about 1862; classes and Mr Bowie’s quarters were transferred to the new building. On Sundays he would pack up his pots, pans, bedding, and other paraphernalia to make space for the worshipping congregation. This arrangement continued until the Education Commission of 1863, chaired by H.J. Tancred, recommended sweeping changes to the organisation of education in Canterbury, notably the establishment of a Board of Education and the abolition of the existing system controlled by the various Christian denominations 1 . 93

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