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The Baptists Baptists

The Baptists Baptists came to Lincoln early and like all other denominations held services in their homes until they could build a church. On Sunday, 25 February, 1877, a chapel designed for 70 persons and erected on the corner of Gerald and Maurice Streets by adherents of the Baptist Church in and around the Lincoln, was opened by the Rev C. Dallaston who officiated during afternoon and evening ceremonies. The next day a tea meeting attracted more than two hundred people to the meal and the meeting which followed was attended by at least another hundred. There were several speeches and these were interspersed with hymns and anthems sung by the Lincoln Presbyterian choir who agreed to take part. 9 The church was debt free within a year and at the first anniversary tea meeting it was decided that the proceeds from the day, amounting to 16 pounds 5 shillings would go towards building a vestry and a shelter for horses. 38. Baptist Chapel 106

39. Lincoln Baptist Church assembled for visit of Reverend Joseph Doke of Oxford Terrace Baptist Church (1894-1901), Christchurch, seated front on left next to lady in white. Courtesy of Selwyn District Council. The Baptist congregation continued to flourish as demonstrated by their annual anniversary tea meetings. A home for the incumbent pastor was built next to the chapel in 1882, but this was replaced by a modern building on Maurice Street in the early 1990’s. 10 The chapel continued to be used well into the second half of the 20th century but fell into disrepair and was demolished in 1998. Sometime earlier the growing congregation forced the transfer of Sunday services to the community centre on the opposite side of the road, although for a brief period the High School hall was used for that purpose. In 2006 the property was sold and developed as the Vale shopping centre. Baptist headquarters then moved to Birchs Road where a new complex for worship and community activity was opened in 2011. 107

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