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45. The first Lincoln

45. The first Lincoln Cricket Club. The club played a home game against a Press team in February 1872 which the visitors won by 32 runs on the first innings. 3 The paper reported that the Lincoln men were sloppy in the field “as they were out of practice, but one or two of the men were remarkably smart” and that The Press team was all out for a total of 86 runs. In their second innings the visitors lost five wickets for seven runs, but recovered to end the day with 60 runs for the loss of 8 wickets, but as time had run out Lincoln did not play their second innings. The teams dined at the Sluis’s Perthshire Arms hotel and after a convivial evening the visiting team left for Christchurch at about 8 pm. It was not always possible to enjoy the “convivial evening” after the Southbridge railway line opened, as in 1879, when a match against Leeston had to be abandoned before the second innings so that the visiting Lincoln team could catch the train home. 4 128

At some stage the club must have gone into recess for in March 1877 a meeting of “gentlemen” in the Perthshire Arms formed a cricket club, again to be called the Lincoln Cricket Club. 5 There was to be an entrance fee of five shillings, an annual subscription of ten shillings and youths under 16 were to be admitted as members at half rates. A veteran cricketer of the district, Mr T. White, was elected President, W.A. Murray was asked to act as Secretary/Treasurer, and a management committee of H. White, H. Stocker, J.L. Blair, A.P. O’Callaghan, and E. Townshend, was elected to draw up rules, and to negotiate the use of 5 acres of ground to be ready for play by the following spring. Since wages were not high, membership may have been restricted to the more affluent in the district! 46. Report of the re-establishment of the Lincoln Cricket Club. Lyttelton Times. 15 March 1877. Courtesy of Papers Past. 129

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