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Fitzgerald's Town

13. Star 14 September

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THE LIBRARY 55. Pioneer Hall – the first library. Most small townships established a library early in their history and Lincoln was no exception. Many continued to serve their communities with varying success until the local body reforms of the early 1990’s brought them under the control of largely expanded district councils. The Lincoln library, in common with most within the Selwyn District, became a branch of the Selwyn District Library which brought major benefits to the rural and urban communities in which they operate. The library was founded in 1873 just ten years after subdivision, a tribute to those pioneer settlers who were passionate about the value of education. At a meeting called to consider the establishment of a library, A.C. Knight, the local member of the Provincial Council, stated that for him a library was almost as important as a school, and A.P. O’Callaghan noted that earlier efforts to set up a library had failed because there were too few residents to support the venture. Times 155

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