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Fitzgerald's Town

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was not possible. It was then discovered that the original trustees noted above had either resigned or died and so Dr. J. Cooke, and Messrs John Wolfe and Frank Townshend were elected to replace them. 14 The site was fenced and planted with bluegums (the last of which may have been removed with recent building about opposite the hospital) and in 1906 made available to the school for garden plots provided that the fences were kept in good order and the gorse was grubbed. 15 Later, it was used as a horse paddock, but eventually a part of it was incorporated within the bounds of a gravel pit adjacent to the Presbyterian Church (Union Church). The site was unused for many years until in 1977 the cottage, now known as Liffey Cottage, was moved onto it by Mr. J.B. Curline for no charge, thus emulating Mr. Bennett’s generosity 77 years earlier. The Liffey Cottage was built in 1875 in Market Square for W.A. Murray, clerk and surveyor to Springs Road Board, and later became John Muir’s home and butcher shop. To make the move possible the Union Church allowed the cottage to rest upon a small portion of their property which subsequently became a part of the cottage reserve now vested in Selwyn District Council. The relocated and renovated library operated on its new site for the next ten years. However, in 1911 subscribers decided to honour the Coronation of King George V by adding a reading and recreation room to the existing building 16 , only to discover that the expected government subsidy only applied to a new building. Accordingly it was decided to build a new library, to be known as the Coronation Library, on the opposite side of the L1, but still on Domain Board land. The building became redundant following the local body reforms of 1989–1990, and was then used as a toy library until in 2009 the latter moved to a new location on North Belt. The Lincoln library became a branch of the Selwyn District Library and is now housed in the old Post Office building in Gerald Street opposite The Vale precinct and is soon to be replaced on the same site. 160

56. The Coronation Library built in 1911. The first library building, still on the site to which it was moved in 1900, is now known as the Pioneer Hall. When it was replaced by the Coronation Library in 1911 it was used as a meeting room for various local groups until it was taken over by St Stephen’s Church for its Sunday school. When the church built its own hall in the 1970’s the Pioneer Hall became the responsibility of the Lincoln Pioneer and Early Settlers Association which in 1991 merged with the Liffey Cottage Action Committee to form the Lincoln Historical Society, later to become The Lincoln and Districts Historical Society. We are fortunate that in Lincoln the first two library buildings are still standing and one cannot help but applaud the vision of those early settlers who were determined to establish their library in 1873. 161

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