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Fitzgerald's Town

that it was demolished.

that it was demolished. The second caused little damage, although parts of the surrounding countryside were badly affected by liquefaction, but in neither earthquake was there loss of life. Our town is built on deep clay loams which are much more stable than the sands and silts underlying some suburbs such as Halswell and Bexley and the town of Kaiapoi. In these and other suburbs liquefaction was widespread and terrifying. The memory of these events, and the many aftershocks which followed, will remain with those who experienced it for the rest of their lives. Despite the trauma and grief for those who died and for our city, we are grateful for the help which poured in from around the world and know that the city in one form or another will rise from the ruins. Sources and Notes 1. Star. 2 October 1893. See Papers Past 2. Ibid 21 May 1900. See Papers Past 174

58. The remains of the mill pond as seen from the Ryeland’s walkway. Courtesy of N. T. Moar. TIME LINES MAJOR EVENTS IN 19 TH CENTURY LINCOLN 1852 – FitzGerald leases land in the Lincoln area (Run 134) and continues to add to his holding, The Springs, until by 1858 he occupies Springs Station in partnership with Percy Cox. The Station stretched from the mouth of the Selwyn River to the Ladbrooks Railway Station and from there ran across the Main South Road to Coringa and other runs. 1858 – William and Mary Tod move from Riccarton to farm (RS 1483) on the Lincoln - Tai Tapu Road. Mrs Tod opens a school in her home. 175

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