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Fitzgerald's Town

6. Selection of places

6. Selection of places in text. Drawn by Wayne Kay based on DRP 21 Land Information New Zealand 16

BUTCHER, BAKER AND CANDLESTICK MAKER When Lincoln sections were advertised in The Press of 20 June 1862 the auctioneers enthused about the location and its advantages. They claimed that there would be good opportunities for a blacksmith, a country inn, a store and for a butcher and a baker. Further, it was intended to build a flour mill on the stream, the L1, around which the subdivision was planned. The Southern Provinces Almanac for 1873 listed a baker and confectioner, a blacksmith, a brewer, a butcher, a contractor, a miller, a shoemaker, storekeepers and a wheelwright working in Lincoln, and the Centennial Book of the Lincoln Primary School records the names and occupations of several tradesmen whose children attended the school from about 1880 to 1892. However, while we may know their names it is difficult to discover details of many of them. 7. Shopping centre from bridge over L1, c. 1880 17

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