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Fitzgerald's Town

Listed below are the

Listed below are the businesses and the names of those engaged in them between 1862 and 1900. As far as was possible the lists are at about ten year intervals although both 1862 and 1863 are included. For the most part the location of the business premises is unknown, and little or nothing is known of some of the businessmen. 1862: The Press, 11 November Blacksmith: Patrick O’Reilly, Robert Street 1863: The Press, 24 July; Post Office History LINCOLN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 1862 - 1900 Accommodation House: James Rowell (northwest corner Springs Road and Boundary Road) manager, Richard Waterlow Blacksmith: Patrick O’Reilly. Carrier: William Rayers (passengers, parcels, mail). 1873: Southern Provinces Almanac Baker and Confectioner: S. Fleming. Blacksmith: C. McPherson. Brewer: Geddes and Co. Butcher: J. Haydon. Contractor: C. Burns. Hotel: Perthshire Arms J.H. Sluis (proprietor). Miller: H. Moffat. Poundkeeper: H.C. Jacobson (also schoolmaster). Shoemaker: T. Pratten. Storekeepers: S. Fleming; J.H. Sluis. Wheelwright: H. Meyenberg. 1883 - 1884: Wise’s Directory Baker: Joe Cox. Blacksmith: Charles McPherson. 34

Bricklayer: William G. Jennings. Builder: David William Bartram; Samuel Early (Broadfield RS3650). Butcher: Samuel Carter; John Judge. Brewer: Geddes and Co. Carpenter: William Burley; Stephen Chapman; Will Scarlet. Carter: Daniel Easterbrook. Grocer: Charles Ross. Hotelkeeper: Joseph H. Sluis. Miller: William Rosewarne. Painter: John Wolfe. Saddler: Mark Finch. Shoemaker: George Johnstone. Wheelwright: Charles Restall. 1900: Wise’s New Zealand Directory Baker and Store: F.G. Norton. Blacksmith: John McKenzie; Charles McPherson. Bricklayer: William G. Jennings. Butcher: Robert Millen. Carpenter: Andrew Brown. Carter: Daniel Easterbrook. Coach Builder: C.T. Restall. Coach Proprietor: Thomas Yarr. Coal and Timber Merchants: Bartram and Co. Gardener: Owen Lynch (Possibly Lincoln College gardener). Hotel: Elizabeth Campbell. Miller: G.J. Maber, Lincoln Flour Mills. Painter: John Wolfe. 35

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